Deep Tissue Massage in Jalgaon

Deep Tissue Massage in Jalgaon

Deep Tissue Massage - Details

A deep tissue massage is a technique that combines slow strokes and considerable deep finger pressure to alleviate pain and tension in the body. Its purpose is to release tightness and tension deep within your muscles and connective tissues.

1. Reduce pain and muscle tension
This treatment can help with chronic pain in the lower back, hips, shoulders and neck. It will loosen tight tissue clusters that cause pain and can be more effective than over-the-counter pain relief.

2. Bring down your blood pressure and heart rate
That’s right; a deep tissue massage can reduce blood pressure. The stimulating massage will positively impact your whole body, including your blood pressure.

3. Can control labour pain
A deep tissue massage has been found to help women before giving birth. This a great holistic treatment to help promote relaxation in the last couple of months of pregnancy. The massage increases cortisol levels in the body to minimize depression, anxiety and lower back pain.

4. Suffering from insomnia
A deep tissue massage. This treatment can reduce pain and tension and ease anxiety and stress for better sleep quality.